Midwest Book Reviews - The Holocaust Studies Shelf - August 2017 Edition

The Holocaust Studies Shelf

My Sister's Eyes
Joan Arnay Halperin
JMA Press
PO Box 212, Hillsdale, NJ 07642
9780692844892, $19.95, PB, 94pp, Sousa Mendes Foundation or www.amazon.com

My Sister's Eyes: A Family Chronicle of Rescue and Loss During World War II" by Joan Arnay Halperin tells the story of the Polish-Jewish Krakowiak family beginning with their prosperous pre-war life in Poland and Belgium, then suffering the Nazi onslaught and their perilous flight to freedom.
Of special note is the reporting of the moral heroism of the Portuguese Consul in Bordeaux and then the family's ultimate escape from the holocaust inferno of war and their journey to America.
Profusely illustrated and specifically written for young readers, "My Sister's Eyes" is an impressive testament to the human spirit and with its underlying message of 'Never Forget. Unique, exceptional, informative, emotionally moving, "My Sister's Eyes"' is very highly recommended for family, school and community library Holocaust Studies collections for children. 

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