My Sisters Eyes - Out Now!

Hala and Ignas on their honeymoon, Sept. 1935.

It's May of 1935, when Hala, the pampered daughter of a prominent family of Lodz, Poland, receives a phone call from her best friend inviting her to meet an eligible bachelor who resides in Belgium. Ignas has come home to find a bride. Soon after, Hala and Ignas marry.

In My Sister's Eyes, we learn how the grand illusion of their charmed life is catapulted into the harsh reality of World War II. Their ‘exodus’ across half the world following their rescue by the "Angel of Bordeaux", Aristides de Sousa Mendes, and their evacuation to an island 'paradise' leading to personal tragedy, is a Holocaust tale quite unlike any other. 

My Sister's Eyes is available now through:

The Sousa Mendes Foundation and Priced at US$19.95.