Der Konsul Von Bordeaux - Announced in "שלום בברלין - Shalom Berlin" - 8 Nov. 2017

On the eve of Kristalnacht the German premiere of the film THE CONSUL OF BORDEAUX about the “Portuguese Schindler” (Their comparison not Joan's) Babylon Theatre , Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, Berlin.

"Through a daredevil action in 1940, Aristides de Sousa Mendes helped many people in distress and gave them “the ticket to freedom, to life”. Despite being forbidden to do so by his government, the former Consul General saved around 30.000 people, of which around 10.000 were Jews, during the Second World War by granting those visas to Portugal.
The 30th Jewish Culture Days in Berlin present the German premier of the Portuguese film “The Consul of Bordeaux” (in German), which tells us about the story of the still celebrated hero. Sousa Mendes; grandsons, Gerald and Sebastian Mendes were present, alongside co-producer and Film music-composer Henri Seroka."


Der Konsul Von Bordeax.jpeg